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    In 2008, a new experience landed in Downtown Cincinnati. A lifestyle boutique that was influenced by Skateboarding, Pop art and History. From their very first step into the store, Locals knew this was something special, something they’ve never seen before - They said it was UNheardof. With original graphics that embodied Graffiti artwork mixed with Cincinnati history, it didn’t take long for word to spread. Word that a new brand was born, one that Cincinnati could call it’s own. 

    Unheardof's First Location Circa 2008


    Now a staple in the Cincinnati shopping scene, UNheardof a must visit destination for tourists from all over! Our store is carefully crafted with Cincinnati history in every stroke. Our Suspended Shoe wall and fixtures are an ode to the John A Roebling Suspension Bridge. Art work hanging from the walls which depict Avril's Meats, The Roebling Bridge, The island Queen and River front stadium are all informal pieces of history for the visitors of our store! Even our eye catching Mural has tie’s to Cincinnati, as painted by Cincnnati's own “the Devious”.


    Unheardof's Devious Mural

    The products we carry is what really sets us apart from the rest! One of a kind and exclusive to our store, The Unheardof Brand has found its way into being very recognizable street wear. Worn by even those in hollywood, but made famous by those native to Cincinnati. The eccentric brand draws inspiration from all faucets of life! From plain and sleek T shirts that just read UNheardof to eye catching collaborative clothing items with Dalek, The Devious and Don Pendleton, UNheardof truly has something to offer everybody!

    Our Historic Suspension Fixtures and Skateboard Selection

    Our Shoe selection consists of Nike, Adidas and Vans, but these are not your ordinary kicks! Our shoes are among the most rare shoes that hit the market. It's not uncommon to walk by our store, and see kids camping out for sneakers. The high demand, low quantity items that we carry is what draws our crowd out from every corner of the United States. You can surely find something unique to match your own personal style every time you step in to our store!


    Our Exclusive Selection Of Sneakers

    In the mid 20th century, Cincinnati was deemed the Paris of America due to the array of premium retail stores within the city. Macy’s, The Mcaplin, Shillitos and Gidding Jenny were all big name retailers that people would come visit from all over. Since then, all of these names have moved out of Cincinnati, or are no longer in business.

    The Interior Of Our Store

    Located at 15 w 4th street, Unheardof resides in the what was once the historic Mcalpin shopping center. Unheardof strives to bring back the old school retail experience that online shopping does not offer! We are 16 years strong in business and still stick to our core values. All are welcome to visit our store and will be greeted by our friendly staff! Customer service is our corner stone. It is our mission to make sure every customer leaves with a pleasurable experience and something they can call their own!